The classism of college education

Is it just me or do people with college degrees have a developed form of prejudice of anyone that simply doesn’t have the same thing? In this capitalism I run into all kinds of educated individuals who think they have a monopoly on free-thought, the way life needs to function, and the way I need to behave. Whether I want to believe it or not, I am faced with a massive crowd of tens of thousands that all have this belief that they are more suitable for the best jobs, more qualified for the best spouses, friends, neighborhoods, etc.

I never thought a person could hold so much judgement towards individuals who lack prestigious degrees in the right fields, the right subjects, and with the right grades. I still to this day, cannot grapple with the sad realization that young kids think they have it all simply because of their alumni status at such and such school. I understand that with hard work, commitment, and strong will, some have made it to the toughest schools to get into, I know some fought poverty, shame, and bullying to finally have a resting place among educated people at schools, but to place start this process of dividing yourself from your family, old friends, and former community just because you have a degree doesn’t quite fit the puzzle of solving world peace, eh?

Is it normal? It is like we are chopped up wood, trying to maintain balance as wood stacked upon each other, with the inability to walk straight without piles of wood falling to the ground. And each  moment we are awakened by the daunting reality that the odds are stacked up against us. It is like living in a swirling humid air with a carnival swirling, giggling, and accusing me for not measuring up to the world’s portrait of what every person is supposed to become. As much as I can admire the ones that claim they have “education”, maybe because world acknowledges them, but I can’t accept their shrewd, dismantling character of classism at its height, or see them stump on every growing individual with this so called “pride”. If they “made it”, shouldn’t they have built some kind of bridge of flexibility, sustainability, and emotional support?

Rather, they tear at your soul with the words that don’t leave, “Well I made it and you didn’t, so your a nobody”! The educated may not always “say” it pure and clear, but they will mess with your head until you get it pure and clear!

Especially women, they try their inadequecies by saying things like, “Well, I’m the manager, so you better listen and I have a degree so you better hush up,” or, “I’m a doctorate, and I’ve been with the Yanomami tribe, so I’m a global peace-maker, but you better shut up or I’ll slap you in front of the whole class,” or “I know what I’m talking about because I’m a professor and everything I say is right!” You get all kinds of educated people embarking on the great divide. One day, there will be no crossroads, because of classism.


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