Peace Corp App: Part I

I embark on this dutiful journey as I’ve submitted my 1st peace corp application via the online portal. I am in agony and inquisition about this process, how long it will take, what is needed from me, and if I will be accepted into this program.

This trip, if accepted, will be a grand chance to build my career and my resume/qualifications. But on the flip side, if I am rejected this invitation to serve with peace corp, I will be saddened but hopeful that some other adventure awaits me. If I get in, I will be so excited!!!! I wonder how long it takes for contact with a recruiter. Will they call me or email me? Hmmm… Or will I have to wait for months on end, re-checking all my voicemails/calls/texts &/or emails. I am at this point where I want a change of pace. I may not be the star candidate, seeing I lack a prestigious degree in an ivy league school, or a fully accredited school, I still hope to be accepted. Luckily, my school was listed on the peace corp application, drop-down menu for attended colleges/universities. Horray, I thought to myself! Maybe, I’m really getting in! Maybe humble beginnings will thrust me into a cross-cultural dynamic. I’ve been the inquisitor of cultures around us. Though my degree may not acclaim for it, I’ve grown more curious day by day how this planet really works, but from a social/anthropological perception. Will I, I don’t know, learn anything with this decision? Will I be aged before I hear anything back? If I do get rejected, what will become of my future? Man, I wish I could tweak the minds of recruiters to have high favorability of my application. I wish the world was more sensitive to my plea, and more flexible to my humble start. I feel like scum. No future, getting older, but with a blank canvass with limitless possibilities. Considering my luck in securing employment in the recent past, and securing internships, and painting, and playing piano, maybe there is a autonomous form of hope. Hope that rests not in the acceptance or rejection of a volunteer opportunity, but hope in the fact that I tried, and yet, despite my small beginnings, and dissonant choices, I tried in the end.


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